Party Line: The Persisting Party Memories

Looking back over the years, I have very distinct memories of my favorite parties. Most of these memories don’t include a Santa Claus, a ball drop or poorly painted Easter eggs (mostly brown from a haphazard dye job).

These components have been largely forgotten because people tend to remember details — the particulars of an event — not what someone said but how they looked saying it, the coaster they set their drink on in between sentences or the green balloon that was caught in the ceiling fan the entire evening (thanks, Hi-Float).

The everyday nuances that build memories have more to do with these details than anything else, which is what makes the everyday a celebration we all cherish hurrahing about.

It’s also why party people get all caught up in the details. On page 17, Party & Paper discusses the trending details that go into party décor — things that may seem trivial to some, but those who are in the business of creating memories know that it’s the subtle touches that resist fading from memory.

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Originally posted Monday, May. 4, 2015