Party & Paper Retailer 2015 Reader Survey Results

Many of you took the time to complete Party & Paper Retailer’s annual survey — thanks again — which is designed to provide us with information so that we can better provide you with valuable content in every issue.

While the sampling is minor in relation to the thousands of retailers out there that specialize in balloons, costumes, party supplies or stationery, it still offers a valuable glimpse into the industry.

Here are a few takeaways from the results:

  • Things might be looking up. Last year, 60 percent of respondents reported a revenue increase from the previous year. This year, that number rose to 72 percent.
  • Most reported increases were relatively moderate — 85 percent said their revenue rise was less than 10 percent — but any rise beats the alternative.
  • Of the people who reported a decrease in sales, 80 percent of them said it was 10 percent or less.
  • More storekeepers and owners seem to be buying into the use of social media. Better than 95 percent said they have a Facebook page for their business. About one-third said they are on Twitter, up from 21 percent last year. While Pinterest wasn’t an option in our survey, it was a popular write-in response under “Other.”
  • Only 12 percent of survey-takers said they offer costume rental. Eighty percent said they do not, while the remaining 8 percent said they are considering adding the service. 
  • The average transaction per customer was $28. Seventy-seven percent said their average customer transaction was at least $20. Only 9 percent said it was $15 or less.

Originally posted Monday, Dec. 7, 2015