Party People: Melody Yesberg, Celebrations Unlimited

Melody Yesberg

Celebrations Unlimited

Festus, Missouri

Even as a fresh college graduate, Melody Yesberg knew she wanted to be in business for herself. After nearly three decades in the party-supply and balloon business, she’s learned a thing or two. Her best advice: know what you’re good at, and then become very good at it.

PPR: How did you get into the party business?

After graduating with a business degree, I wanted to open my own business. There were no party stores within 20 miles, so I decided to take a shot at my own business while I was young and had few responsibilities. I started small and here I am 28 years later.

PPR: What is the most fulfilling thing about your job?

Being my own boss is a big plus, but in the party business you get to be involved with other people and their celebrations. It’s hearing about how our supplies “made the party” or customers seeing how the room looks after we have done balloon décor that are the most fulfilling. 

PPR: What is the most challenging? How do you deal with it?

Dealing with discounters and big-box is the most challenging. So we strive to educate our customers, find better and different products and offer a reasonable price with outstanding customer service. 

PPR: If you had $10,000 to put into your business, what would you do? 

No. 1 on the list is a new roof on my building. No. 2 would be new carpet.

PPR: What is the best retail advice you have to offer?

You cannot be all things to all people. Find your niche and grow!

Originally posted Monday, Mar. 7, 2016

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