Party Line: Got a tip? Share it

Several weeks ago, I had an experience that gave new meaning to the term “Throwback Thursday.” It wasn’t picture on Facebook, but a hand-typed letter — yes, on an actual typewriter — that arrived by mail from Memphis, Tennessee.

The author was Mr. James Holland, owner of Party Time Memphis, who wanted to let us know how helpful he found an article written by James P. Fink of the Pioneer Party Group/Qualatex MasterBow that appeared in our January issue. January 2015, that is.

What Holland enjoyed most about the article, which was about how being active in your community is good for business, was the fact that it provided firsthand experience from someone in the industry, which he found to be “like a warm ray of sunshine on a cold, cloudy and rainy day.” Holland went on to say, he’s “talked to people already in the business, but they won’t tell you anything.”

After formerly working in the printing industry — one that Holland said had a motto of “Share a Part of Your Knowledge” — he has found that kind of tricks-of-the-trade interaction to be lacking in the party business, which he called a “mystery.”

Whether it’s the party business or just a sign of the times for small business owners overall, limitless competition coupled with limited profit margins create situations that might make some folks careful whom they share information with.

While it’s understandable to not go out of your way to help your direct competition, I found Holland’s point — and that he took the time to share it — to be refreshing. Sharing tips and successful strategies with your party business brethren is good for the industry.

I hope James Holland’s letter inspires more sharing of such correspondence. Feel free to use Party & Paper as a conduit.

Until next time,

Zeke Jennings, managing editor

Originally posted Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2016

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