Popup Parties: All about tailgating


Why we love tailgating before the big game, and what customers want to show their team allegiance

By Sam Ujvary |

All across this country, there may be no other pastime more looked forward to than weekends in fall. Tickets to the big game are popular, but it’s before the game that seems to transcend sports. Steadfast fans gather hours before kickoff to celebrate at one massive party before entering the stadium gates — or remain in the parking lot for the duration.

To some, tailgating is like its own sporta sport in itself. They’re essentially getting two events for the price of one. Over the course of the years, it’s become less about the game and more about the camaraderie. “It’s for sure the ability to socialize and get amped up for the event,” said Brian Flick, My State Threads. “I’ve been to some tailgating events that made my high school prom look boring.”

Whether it’s for libations, snacks or activities, we’re seeing more and more products made specifically for the game day parking lot — remember the Bud Light Grooler circa six years ago? Flick has been searching high and low for one since 2009. So many long-standing products and new gimmick inventions maintain popularity because of this event-before-the-event. A good tailgate extends a game day. “With ticket prices for pro and big time college sports increasing so much, a nice pre- and post- game tailgate adds to the total value of the day,” said Luke Lincoln, The American Tailgater.

Back in 2013, The the Baltimore Ravens published a list of tailgating tips. Broken up into five how-to categories — make your tailgate more comfortable; keep your tailgate clean; not be wasteful; make your tailgate fun; and make friends while tailgating — these tips proved useful for fans everywhere. It can help you decipher how customers are using what products you’ve found and what to stock your shelves with. Some tips included:

  • Bring plenty of chairs so people aren’t left standing
  • Make sure food fits the weather
  • Have plenty of trash bags on hand
  • Bring food in Tupperware so its easy to pack up and take home when finished
  • Get music pumping to get your tailgate jumping
  • Bring extra food and drinks to share with new friends
  • Don’t throw footballs too close to the grills

Your customers want a party before the big game. More importantly, they want the proper tailgate insignia to show team pride but also to serve functional needs. There’s a real market for these types of products, you just have to know where to look.

Originally posted Wednesday, May. 4, 2016

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