Party Line: Nice Meeting You

The world feels a little smaller than it did three months ago for this editor. The reason: party industry trade show season.

Since the beginning of the January, I’ve attended four trade shows, conventions or seminars, and — as of press time of this issue — was getting ready for a fifth trip. They include Rubie’s annual VIP seminar in Las Vegas, the Halloween and Party Expo in New Orleans, the Paper First Affiliates show in Nashville, the Party Club of America show in Fort Worth and the World Balloon Convention in New Orleans.

As the still-somewhat-new editor of Party & Paper Retailer, it was my first time at most of the shows. I had the chance to finally meet people I’ve been exchanging emails and phone calls with for months. New faces became familiar ones like they are to so many of you. Fun characters like Jim Fink of Qualatex MasterBow/Pioneer Party Group, Artie Savarese of Rubie’s Costumes and Frank Barry at Havercamp.
The best part of attending the shows is meeting you: the readers. Over the past couple of months, I had the pleasure of having conversations with dozens of subscribers, maybe even upward of 100. While that’s a small fraction of our circulation, being able to see your faces while hearing about your stores, the challenges you face and even exchanging a joke or two made me feel more a part of the community, or, in this case, industry.

I enjoyed hearing about what you like about the magazine — we’ll keep those Shop Talks and balloon recipes coming — and even more was interested to hear about what you could use more of from us. I’m working on that crystal ball to let you in on the next big trend before it happens!

Anyway, it was great meeting all of you. Don’t be a stranger.

Until next time,

Zeke Jennings, managing editor

Originally posted Wednesday, May. 4, 2016

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