Store Next Door: Simplyput Paper and Gift


Simplyput Paper and Gift in Atlanta is not your typical stationery store. They are graphic designers, painters and crafty types who are obsessed with typography, paper and letterpress. But in addition to the amazing paper products, are the equally amazing gifts. Books by Taschen, Joe Cariati handcrafted decanters, Laura Zindel tabletop, Icemilk aprons, monogrammed bags and trays, soaps, candles, and of course, greeting cards round out a carefully curated and unique selection of gifts.

Founded by Ashley Toporek Woodman, Simplyput has been a wholesale stationer for more than 15 years. “We have been designing for Tinyprints and Shutterfly for over 10 years,” she said.

“We opened our first flagship store five years ago to do more hand-crafted and custom design work as we love letterpress and engraving and all that goes into designing and producing invitation suites for weddings and special occasions,” Toporek Woodman said.

The store is located in the creative Westside Shopping District, an outdoor shopping experience where about half of the retailers are locally owned. Toporek Woodman says it is like a Pinterest board come alive. “It is forward thinking, calm, creative and natural,” she said. “It is trend-setting and extremely inspiring.”

One of the things that sets Simplyput apart from other stores is their penchant for fun. Their moods and displays are always changing. “If we feel like putting together a music festival table that has nothing to do with paper then so be it,” she said. “Next week we are putting together a snack bar because we like the idea of selling nuts and chocolate. We have no rules. No plan. No business model. We just love designing stationery, love curating inspiring items to display and sell and we love our neighborhood.”

They are busiest during the holidays but also during wedding season, which is from the end of January to the end of March. The product mix at Simplyput Paper and Gift is diverse. “We buy what inspires us. We are stationers but don’t push a ton of paper products because we really love the gift side of our store as much as we love designing stationery,” Toporek Woodman explains. “We sell a lot of books, candles, tableware, fun kitchen items, men’s gifts and bar ware. Just fun things that make people smile,” she added.

Originally posted Monday, Oct. 31, 2016

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