5 Ways to Enhance Your In-Store Shopping Experience

By Zeke Jennings |

Interactive displays

Being able to test a product is something consumers cannot typically do when ordering online. The touch, taste, feel, smell aspect of going to a brick-and-mortar store is still very alluring, and could be making a comeback in the way of interactive displays. If you sell partyware, perhaps have a table area with product samples for customers to mix and match items so they can see how they coordinate together without guessing. Whatever the item is, always keep in mind how you can give customers an opportunity to try it out in-store.

Photo ops

Selfies and social media don’t seem to be going anywhere, at least not anytime soon. Dedicate some space, whether it be on a wall with a mural, a life-size cardboard cutout (Batman, Joker, TMNT), mannequins in costume, balloons sculptures or whatever else you can think of that would make for a cute picture. Promote it with signage and on your store’s social media pages.

In-store events

Whether how-to classes, demonstrations, lectures or attractions, in-store events are a great way to draw traffic to your store. It could be a balloon artist making sculptures and/or showing how to or someone in costume making a special appearance, such as Batman or Spider-Man. Even bigger than hosting an event is promotion. Think beyond just your website and social media pages. As a parent, I’m always checking community webpages and calendars looking for ideas for a fun afternoon out, so don’t forget to share your event with those, as well as the local paper.

Build-your-own costume

Implement a build-your-own costume area to your store by putting out product samples. It’s seems to be fairly well known that accessories are huge right now. People want that DIY look, whether they actually want to build a costume from spare parts, so to speak, or take a packaged costume to the next level by adding their own accessories.

In-store giveaways and specials

This is an age-old method but one that’s still effective. Advertising and promoting the giveaway or special deal make great Facebook posts, just as long as it’s stressed that they must be in your store to win or cash in on the offer. Keep this important tip in mind: make it worth their while. Five or 10 percent off an item that retails at $49.95 isn’t going to draw traffic. You have to decide that balance of extra sales versus what you’re sacrificing in inventory, but something like 50 percent off all accessories for an hour or giving away a costume up to a $100 value would certainly be more enticing.    

Originally posted Friday, Feb. 3, 2017

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