The Party That Rock Built

How to host a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame theme party

By Sam Ujvary |

The influence that rock and roll has on people is inspiring. Music is so much more than just sound and lyric; it’s heart and soul that come together to create a magical feeling that’s unlike any other; it trickles out through your bones. Just think about your favorite song and how it resonates in either specific situations or your everyday life.

In Cleveland sits a not-so-quaint glass building that more-than somewhat resembles the esteemed Louvre in Paris; this is what we consider the house that rock built. These walls are flooded with those who have shaped and changed the music scene from the get-go.

We pay homage to these musician wizards every time we turn on the radio, hum a tune under our breath or go all out at a karaoke bar. But we decided to also pay homage to some beloved companies that have dedicated their livelihoods to bettering your party with costume and party ideas for hosting a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame theme party. Besides, what better way to celebrate rock and roll’s admired favorites than with a party honoring them?

Candy Apple Costumes, located Tuscaloosa, Alabama, goes the extra mile or two to help throw a rockin’ Hall of Fame party.

A stay-at-home mother developed an admiration for making costumes, so Kay Lambert’s husband bought Kay her own costume and party store, a cotton candy pink-colored building that would become a beloved dress-up box featuring various costumes, thrift clothes and hand-me-down dresses.

Today, in addition to the costumes-aplenty the shop offers, there’s also a blog that finds itself incredibly useful when it comes to party-throwing advice. One particular post offers step-by-step details of how to obtain the perfect Janis Joplin look, utilizing — of course — Candy Apple’s products.

Originally posted Friday, Mar. 17, 2017

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