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December home décor trends all about ‘shades of grey and galvanized metals’

By Zeke Jennings |

To carry seasonal home décor or not to carry seasonal home décor? That is the question.

Of course, each party retailer must decide whether it’s wise endeavor for their store, but there is no reason customers, already shopping for a special occasion, won’t invest in a little something that will help dress up their home for more than just the day of the get-together.

Case in point: winter and Christmas décor. Wreathes, snowmen and snow-capped Evergreens are appropriate from the day after Thanksgiving until well into January. With the right collection of on-trend winter décor products, customers may walk into your store looking for one-use tableware and streamers, but walk out with something they will use to decorate the old homestead for the next few Decembers and beyond.

Boston International offers a wide range of home décor items for all seasons of the year. We asked Lauren Hodgkins, the product and marketing coordinator, and what’s on trend in winter décor. 

PPR: What’s trending when it comes to winter décor?

LR: The current market of winter/December décor is all about an industrial aesthetic — shades of grey and galvanized metals are overtaking the market mixed with touches of traditional tartan designs. We are also seeing a lot of décor of Scandinavian influence, like textiles and prints resembling ornate folk art.

PPR: On the flip side, are there any styles or colors that seem to be passé at this point? 

LR: Ultra-polished looks — such as rose gold and copper — were hot in 2016 but are certainly making their way out, particularly, an overkill of copper tones, which has a tendency to look a bit cheap. Another style we are starting to see make its way out is the chevron pattern. At this point, it is becoming overdone and the market is ready for a change.

PPR: Are there any tips or ideas you offer buyers on displaying your products, whether just using Boston International products or perhaps a mixture of similar themed products? 

LR: Here are a few tips and tricks for buyers and retailers:

  • If you’ve ordered products that go together, keep them together. You never want to showcase a collection of products that looks diluted.
  • Add a “pop item” to your display — something to capture your customer’s attention, like a bright bouquet of flowers or a big stuffed bear.
  • Showcase your display closest to the door — let it be the first thing your customer sees.
  • Create a foreground, middle ground, and background. Take advantage of products that vary in size and shape. Display your tallest products in the background, and your smallest products front and center so they are not lost. This adds an aesthetically pleasing look to your display and will draw your customer’s eye throughout the entire collection.

A great way to display out-of-the-box or unconventional products is through the process of “product pairing” or “product bundling.” For instance, one may display our Cardinal or Blue Jay salt & pepper shakers with a variety of table setting products such as napkins, plates, bowls, glasses, or even table cloths that complement the color schemes. This will allow the customer to visualize your out-of-the-box product as part of a collection rather than standing on its own. It is often helpful to pair your unconventional item with a commonly sold item, making it more probable that the customer will buy the pairing item on impulse. You can even take this a step further and sell your unconventional item with a complimenting conventional item, giving customers a great deal and more intent to buy the product.

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Originally posted Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017

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