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Predicting a television show or video game that will become a pop culture phenomenon can be a tricky endeavor. Who knew “Fortnite” would be such a smash hit and Halloween influencer?

Movies, on the other hand, seem to be a little more predictable. Sure, trends change, licenses rise and fall and movies flop. But superheroes, science fiction, horror and animated are the safest bet when it comes to movies that take off with costumers. 

Here is our annual list of movies due out this year that will likely impact the world of costuming and licenses. (The movies are listed in order of scheduled release, which, as always, is subject to change.)


The Prodigy | Feb. 8

This could be influential the way “The Nun” was in 2018. Miles’ half-painted face and multicolored eyes look creepy. 


Captain Marvel | March 8

The recent popularity of female heroines makes this flick fit the Wonder Woman recipe for success. Marvel Universe movies, in general, have a good track record of success. 


Shazam! | April 5

Shazam, which debuted in comics a year after Superman, was originally known as Captain Marvel. The character — a teen that can transform into an adult superhero, although only physically, not mentally and emotionally — should be a hit with kids and tweens.  


Hellboy | April 12

Some early footage has the rebooted Hellboy sticking pretty close to his traditional appearance with the shaved down horns. This one could be big in the cosplay/Comic-Con scene. 


Aladdin | May 24

The new live-action version of the Disney classic, a la 2017’s “Beauty and the Beast,” will bring Princess Jasmine and company back to the forefront. 


Dark Phoenix | June 7

Here’s another female superhero lead to watch, although fan grumblings that the X-Men franchise has gotten stagnant are getting louder. 


Toy Story 4 | June 21

Woody. Buzz. They’re back in the first “Toy Story” installment since 2010. 


Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5

Whether in theaters or not, Spider-Man is year-in, year-out one of the most-popular superheroes. A Spidey-focused movie should only increase appeal. 


The New Mutants | Aug. 2

The plot is set in the X-Men universe with five young mutants, but the tone of the film is allegedly closer to the horror genre. There could be appeal to tweens and teens. 


Artemis Fowl | Aug. 9

It would be hyperbole to suggest Artemis Fowl might be the second coming of Harry Potter, but it is a popular literary series and Disney-backed. Keep tabs on it. 


It: Chapter Two | Sept. 6

Evil clown was one of the hottest costumes in 2017 with the release of “It.” The sequel, due out in early September, should give evil clowns a shot in the arm for Halloween 2019. 


Joker | Oct. 4

Considering it’s an origin story, it’s unclear how much we’ll see Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. A bigger question might be how audiences will receive the film with him as the iconic villain. 


Frozen 2 | Nov. 27

One of the biggest licenses of the past decade has seen its popularity wane as we’ve moved further away from 2013, when the original hit theaters and became a smash hit. Expect a boost with the sequel looming. 



The Prodigy Photo: Orion Pictures

Captain Marvel Photo: The Walt Disney Co./Marvel Entertainment

It Photo: New Line Cinema

Toy Story Photo: The Walt Disney Co.

Frozen Photo: The Walt Disney Co.

Originally posted Monday, Jan. 14, 2019