Gender reveal parties continue to grow

Popularity of gender-reveal parties has coincided with rise of social media

By Zeke Jennings |

Somewhere at some point in time, expectant parents sat in a doctor’s office in front of an ultrasound machine and were told either “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl.” They rejoiced through hugs, kisses and maybe tears.

Then one looked at the other and said, “This would have been so much better if all our friends and family were here to find out with us!”

Gender-reveal parties were born.

The popularity of gender-reveal parties has coincided with the rise of social media. According to Google Trends, the number of searches for “gender reveal” has risen every year since 2011, when such searches were next to nonexistent, relatively speaking.

In a recent Party & Halloween Retailer online survey, 45 percent of respondents said gender-reveal sales grew at least 16 percent over the past year, and 21 percent said they’ve seen more than a 30-percent increase. More than half of our survey takers said their top-selling category was balloons, followed by Decorations and then Partyware.

Milestone Candles makes products for all occasions, but owner and founder Jamie Novick said the gender-reveal line, which has wax that turns either pink or blue when lit, are her most popular.

“Gender Reveal has become a very, very big trend, it’s another thing to get excited about when expecting and another income stream for retailer to produce fun products to celebrate such a joyous event,” Novick said. “I have not seen this category slowing down at all, everything from baseballs that are hit and blow blue or pink smoke to balloons in a box, to cakes.

“My candle is cool since it is a Made in the USA, recycled-aluminum keepsake tin that changes color pink or blue after a 30- to 40-hour burn. It is my No. 1 item in terms of sales and search.”

While pink and powder blue have always been the go-to color themes for gender-reveal shindigs, party-throwers are getting more creative these days. In this social media world, every get-together has to have something unique to make it Insta- or Pinterest-worthy.

Tiffany Burley, Certified Balloon Artist, has a thriving party-planning and balloon-design business called A Pop of Color that’s based in Spring, Texas in suburban Houston. Gender-reveal has been a strong part of her operation.

Customers are straying from the traditional pink and blue theme and getting very creative with out-of-the-box themes,” she said. “A few that I have seen recently include ‘Glitter or Guns,’ ‘Touchdowns or Tutus,’ ‘What Will It Bee’ and ‘What the Duck Is It?’”

Burley added that pink and blue isn’t going away, however. “Big balloons are still very popular, either pink or blue tulle covered or filled with gender-revealing confetti or small balloons.”

9 Gender-Reveal Themes

Bass or Soprano

Bows or Arrows

Bun in the Oven or Burgers on the Grill

Guns or Glitter

Lashes or ‘Staches

Mars or Venus

Mermaid or Matey

Wheels or Heels

Witch or Wizard

Gender-Reveal Popularity

Most Popular

1. Louisiana

2. Mississippi

3. Alabama

4. Kentucky

5. South Carolina

6. Texas

7. Georgia

8. Oklahoma

9. Arkansas

10. North Carolina

Cities: San Antonio, Fort Worth, Houston, Detroit, Dallas

Least Popular

1. Oregon

2. Vermont

3. Montana

4. New Hampshire

5. Washington

6. Maine

7. Alaska

8. Colorado

9. Minnesota

10. Connecticut

Cities: Denver, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington D.C.

— Source: Google Trends. (City list limited to 20 most-populated cities in U.S.)

Originally posted Thursday, May. 17, 2018

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