Looking for Some Good Ideas?

Looking for Some Good Ideas?

I know I was, and I wasn’t disappointed when I left the Qualatex World Balloon Convention held in Dallas April 15-18. Three full days of classes, networking events and parties in the evenings and Qualatex plant tours were just some of the highlights of the inaugural event.

From this editor’s perspective, if you deal with balloons, it was a must-attend. Delegates told me that they were constantly learning, not just in classes but from the other attendees. Relationships were formed, friendships were made and everyone went home with something new to try. I learned things about marketing, portfolios and design that I can apply to every aspect of this industry.

For example, “Looking for some good ideas?” was how Pioneer Managing Director of Business Development and session instructor Tim Vlamis proposed you greet each and every customer that walks through the door. While “Can I help you find something” may lead to a dead end, (“No, I’m just looking,”) who can turn down an offer to find something new and exciting to try?

Because while they may have an idea of what they need — luau birthday décor, for example — they may not think about including inflatable tropical coolers, drink umbrellas or various wearables. This is where you step in and offer them so much more than just a product. You offer them good ideas.

That simple statement can help define your store and position you as the place to go for all things party — not just supplies, but ideas and innovation not found at the Dollar Store. And speaking of price, Vlamis added that, “no one throws a party to save money.”  While price is always important, it’s not always most important. Capture the emotional appeal of the event and you will capture the sale and repeat business.

Good idea, indeed.

If you’re looking for more good ideas, check out this month’s issue and see what you can find. If you have some of your own, pass them along and let me know.

— Abby Heugel

Originally posted Wednesday, Jun. 9, 2010