Party Line: Beyond the Party

In our April issue, you’ll find a feature on a New York City store that has a very interesting way of doing business. Every four to eight weeks, Story — a 2,000-square-foot retail space in lower Manhattan — closes its doors for days at time so the staff can give the store a makeover.

One setup might put an emphasis on holidays, while the next might be love, Made in America or wellness. The goal is to give customers a fresh and exciting shopping experience every time they visit the store and create a sense of anticipation, leaving customers thinking, “What am I going to find this time?”

Another thing Party & Paper Retailer readers will find unusual about Story is that its primary focus isn’t party supplies, costumes, balloons or paper — the genres we typically cover in Party & Paper.

As part of a new monthly feature called “The Store Next Door,” we’re planning to take a look at how an independent retailer outside the industry is doing things. Perhaps a look outside the box might inspire a new idea or strategy for your business. We hope so, anyway.

Have you been in a store and saw something cool or unusual way of doing things recently? Did you take that idea and implement in your store? Let us know. As retail marketplace continues to evolve at a faster rate than ever before, creativity is essential.

We hope you enjoy.

Until next time, 

— Zeke Jennings, managing editor

Originally posted Thursday, Mar. 31, 2016

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