Party Line: Quality Service is No Temporary Goal

I’ve been a seasonal employee.

Amid a sea of employees whose names you may not know, it can be hard to stand out to employers.

Plus, knowing your time at a company is limited can offer little incentive to go the extra mile for customers, coworkers or management — and that extra mile is key in making your customers’ shopping experience stand out.

There are many very basic things to do as an employer to excite your staff’s spirit and create a positive work environment, and it’s up to you to ensure your work environment is one in which people want to work.

Making sure your employees are well acquainted may sound very obvious, but you might be surprised at how often seasonal employees may not even be on a name-to-name basis. When you have an influx of new hires, it can be difficult to make sure everyone has been introduced.

Delegating projects that allows new hires to express creativity and instill individualism in the shop is another way to help them know they’re a part of the shop’s community and its progress. That personalization in the store is also something your customers will remember after they leave.

The prosperity of your business relies on the success of many things, but one of the most important is the happiness of your staff, and your customers will take notice in the quality of their customer service.

Although I was once a seasonal employee in my earliest professions, I’m happy to announce that my still somewhat new position with Party & Paper Retailer is not a seasonal gig. I’m excited to be here for the long haul and look forward to working with our community of readers.


Originally posted Friday, Mar. 20, 2015