Party Line: Time to reach out

Lately, I’ve picked up on quite a bit that’s going unacknowledged in the party industry — namely, the issues many retailers are facing that they seem reticent to reveal.
            After attending numerous educational seminars and group discussions surrounding the Halloween & Party Expo this month, hot issues seem to be quieted by a lack of readily available retail resources.  
From issues as standard as staffing and customer service concerns to difficulties in knowing how much money your company should be investing in advertising, these issues seem evident for retailers across the board.
Party & Paper Retailer is not only going to be taking these concerns into consideration, we are going to be addressing them. Party & Paper is your source for information, but we’d also like to be your soundboard.
Call, email or send a handwritten letter if you’d like to share what you’ve been facing, and what issues you’d like to see addressed. We’ve all heard it a million times before — if you have a question, chances are plenty of others are silently asking the same.
And, just as important as the issues at hand is the success stories of retailers. I’d like to celebrate the fact that as many issues as there are facing independent retailers, there are just as many success stories. After speaking with hundreds of retailers, I’ve been shocked that the stories I’ve heard have gone mostly unheard in the industry.
            These are important stories for fellow industry members to hear — not only are they inspiring, they are helpful to hear how independent retailers can ensure their visibility and success in the marketplace.
  Party & Paper wants you to know we’re listening and look forward to having you reach out to us — our party line is always open and taking calls.

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Originally posted Monday, Mar. 2, 2015