Peer Perspective: Karen Rosales, Maple City Rubber

Karen Rosales

Receptionist and Customer Service Rep, Maple City Rubber

Norwalk, Ohio

PPR: Could you describe what your job entails? 

I am on the phone for a good part of my day, taking orders, processing orders, answering questions and providing information on orders to be shipped, orders that have been shipped and providing tracking information. I also invoice and try to lend a hand where needed.

PPR: What do you enjoy most about it? 

I really enjoy being on the phone. I have been with Maple City Rubber for 34 years and have been in the office for over 27 years. I have formed many good relationships with our customers. I will often recognize someone’s voice and will start teasing with them and inquire about their families and their life outside of the office. 

PPR: What question do you hear most often?

One of the most asked questions is if we have a product in stock for same-day shipping. Nine times out of 10, we will be able to fill their request. We pride ourselves on prompt, efficient service!

PPR: What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

Outside of work I enjoy traveling with my husband, riding my bicycle and spending time with my eight grandchildren. (They are a lot more fun than my kids!)

Originally posted Friday, Sep. 30, 2016

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