Peer Perspective: Kathryn Holloway, Lovebird Paper Co.

Kathryn Holloway

Owner/Designer, Lovebird Paper Co.

Jackson, Wyoming


“Sassy, bold and vulgar” is her self-described style. Kathryn Holloway’s Lovebird Paper Co. produces cool products, such as stationery, gifts, tote bags and drinkware, for those with a similar sense of humor.

Tell us about how Lovebird Paper came to be.

The story of Lovebird Paper starts where many paper companies stories start: my own wedding. But before that, I graduated from the journalism school at the University of Missouri, specifically studying magazine design. After designing my own wedding invitations, which featured two birds, I started creating custom wedding suites in 2011 as my creative outlet from my full-time job designing a weekly newspaper. Lovebird Paper quickly pivoted to greeting cards and lifestyle goods so that I could have more control over what I was making and putting into the world. And so that I could make people laugh.

How is your everyday style reflected in your work? 

I curse like a sailor. Not sure that’s a “style,” but it's me. I was raised in a sarcastic, blunt household and those influences can definitely be seen in the humor of our cards. As far as colors go, I wear bright athletic wear (but who doesn't?).

What are some of your personal favorite designs? 

Personal favorites are the Brunch Bitch and Kardashian cards and our new beer cans with bright, sassy sayings.

Are there any designs you were maybe unsure about creating but you're really happy with the outcome? 

I initially started designing products with illustrations on them and virtually no text. So releasing a bunch of products that are only text (and supposed to be funny) was pretty frightening. But customers and retail stores seem to really enjoy the humor of our text only cards.

What movie snack can you not live without? 

Peanut Butter Whoopers, which unfortunately my local theater doesn't have anymore, so I guess I am living without them.

Originally posted Friday, Jul. 27, 2018

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