October 2009

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Birthday Basic Training

This is a true story. However, names may have been omitted to protect a naive, although well meaning, consumer. I used to work for a boss who was big on birthdays. Whether you were turning 22 or 72, birthdays were acknowledged with decorations, a card, a dessert and a brief, off-key rendition of “Happy Birthday.” While it could be a bit humiliating at times to be serenaded by your co-workers, now donning birthday hats and floral leis, it was nice to know they took the time to plan that just for you. Then one day something went horribly wrong ... a birthday was almost forgotten. I will spare you the details and jump to the panic-stricken moment that my boss realized there was a birthday to be celebrated and no party plan to execute. It was determined that all was not lost, so with a rush…  » Read more

Spring Into…Spring

There are certainly no certainties in life, but I can almost guarantee these things this year — spring will still arrive, Easter will happen on April 4 and people will still spend money on decorations and gifts for spring holidays. But just as there has been a slight shift from Christmas celebrations to “Winter Holidays” in the past couple of years, there has also been a shift from Easter to “Spring Celebrations.” While many people celebrate Easter and spring with traditional icons, there are others taking a more generic approach. Offering a variety of seasonal products in classic spring hues and patterns, such as flowers and pastels, and integrating these into the more specific spring themes is an easy way to draw shoppers in. Because times are still tight, your goal is to give consumers a reason to shop at your store this spring for…  » Read more