Seven ‘til Midnight Introduces New Line of Goth-inspired Costumes for Girls

Seven 'til Midnight has announced they will debut their new sister line for the junior market, Rockalicious, at the Halloween and Party Expo in Houston, Jan. 24-27. According to Vinh Luong, director of sales and marketing, they are seeing an increasing number of teens buying and wearing adult costumes.

"However, existing costumes either look too junior and young or too sultry and mature," Luong said. "Teenage girls are quick to new trends and are daring when it comes to dressing outside of the norm. We wanted to capture that idea and bring it to our Rockalicious line."

Luong feels that Rockalicious adds a touch of punk into what has become the norm in the women's costume industry. Starting with some all-time favorite costume ideas, this line combines fitted and flirty styles with edgy prints and dark fabrics. Instead of exuding sugar and spice, the collection is dark and rebellious. Styles include the Dark Alice, Sailor Blue, Spider Princess and Military Brat.

Seven 'til Midnight promises the same attention to detail with Rockalicious, with the line able to be worn more than once without the possibility of falling apart in the middle of a party. The brand prides itself for never overlooking any detail in fabrics, trims and even zippers and buttons. Packaging will mirror that of the senior collection's pink trimmed bag and accessories will be included.

"The goal," Luong said, "is to give teens the same fashion forward designs Seven 'til Midnight offers in the adult line, while also providing styling, cuts and price points that are appropriate for teens. Because the line is more fashion forward, we are hoping to see smaller boutiques that would otherwise not carry costumes pick up Rockalicious."

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Originally posted Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008