Dreamgirl Launches 2009/2010 Costume Collection

This year, Dreamgirl's 200-page costume catalog features over 170 costumes, with 90 new launches for 2009. They have expanded their innovative Reversible costumes; included a brand new style of costume called Light Up costumes that feature unique fiber optic lights along the dress; and introduced more Convertible costumes, which are costumes that contain removable midriff sections that allow a party-goer the option to be more modest or exposed as the evening goes on.

"Light Up Costumes combine fashion and technology in a way that has never been done before in the sexy market," explained designer Amanda Wasvary. "Girls who purchase and wear sexy costumes want to stand out from the crowd. They are looking for something different. They want something to set them apart from the other girls, to get noticed and to make a statement. Two sets of batteries and a set of instructions are included with each costume."

They have also added the most common American size "XL" to their costume line, so as to close the gap between "L" and "1X/2X" sizing, and have introduced a new category of basic costume dresses called Costume Starters, which offer retailers and consumers the opportunity to have something affordable and sexy in their closets for less than $20.

"The demand for costumes in extra large sizes has become very important due to the fact that the most common size for the American woman is size 14-16," said Christopher Scharff, CEO of Dreamgirl International. "And the Starters line will provide the foundation for the consumer who walks into a store with the hope of finding something great to wear to an upcoming Halloween Bash without breaking the bank."

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Originally posted Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009