Cerebral Itch Greeting Cards Now Available On iPhones

Cerebral Itch, the Las Vegas-based greeting card manufacturer has released three iPhone e-card apps; giving users the ability to send electronic versions of the Cerebral Itch greeting cards from their iPhone or iPod touch to any e-mail address on any platform.

Cerebral Itch currently offers apps in three flavors: Cerebral Itch Free-cards - a small no-cost sampling of 25 e-cards; Cerebral Itch Kleen-cards - a "PG-13" version consisting of over 150 cards; and the Cerebral Itch e-card full version, which has the entire 250 card uncensored library.

The iPhone e-card apps are a first for both the greeting card industry and the Apple iTunes store in the fact that Cerebral Itch e-card apps are currently the only applications that originate from an actual "real-word" greeting card line.

"Several e-card apps exist on iTunes," said Paul Chamberlain, Cerebral Itch co-founder and CCO, "but none of them offer e-cards adapted from 'real-world' greeting cards that have had to endure a 'trial by fire' by selling successfully in a brick and mortar retail environment."

The Cerebral Itch e-card app uses proprietary technology that enables the cards and the messages typed into them to be embedded in the recipient’s e-mails and not as links to a third-party Web site or e-mail attachments that may be thwarted by malware and SPAM blockers.

"It was our primary goal that the e-cards not be clumsy and remedial in the technology behind their delivery, but innovative and cool," said Chamberlain.

All three iPhone apps work with both the iPhone and iPod Touch and are offered for free, .99 (kleen version) and $3.99 (full version) and are available for download in over 50 countries.

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Originally posted Monday, Sep. 28, 2009