Associated Press highlights clash between balloon industry and environmentalists

A recent article by the Associated Press’ Bruce Shipkowski detailed the ongoing fight between the balloon industry and environmentalists who say released balloons are a hazard to wildlife and power lines.

“When hands release helium-filled balloons and send them into the sky, they’re doing more than marking a wedding, graduation or death. They’re also stirring the pot in a clash between the balloon industry and environmentalists seeking to deflate a tradition they say harms wildlife,” Shipkowski wrote.

The article goes on to detail passed and proposed legislation in various states and municipalities that have or could ban balloon releases. It also quotes The Balloon Council representative Dale Florio, who said the threat to wildlife from balloons is “overblown.” Florio added that balloon laws hurt small retailers and education is the “best way go.”

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Originally posted Wednesday, Jul. 5, 2017

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