ABC News details how evil clown look has impacted Halloween

Evil clown costumes are “IT” this Halloween, and one of the biggest news outlets in the country has taken notice.

ABC News’ Nicole Pelletiere recently explored the genre, led by Pennywise of the readapted Stephen King-inspired movie “IT,” which was released last month.

Pelletiere interviewed representatives from and Party City, which operates the Halloween City pop-up stores.

“Pennywise is one of the more popular items this season and is just another example of how our huge assortment makes it easy for customers to customize their costume and express themselves in a way that literally suits them best from head to toe," Bill Furtkevic, vice president of marketing for Party City, told ABC News.

The story went on to offer tips from professional make-up artist Gina Scheiber on how to perfect the Pennywise look. 

Originally posted Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017

Tags: costume trends, halloween trends