The Balloon Council announces winners of the #LiftUpSomebody campaign

Thank you to all our balloon friends and businesses that participated in the International Balloon Month 2017 #LiftUpSomebody Campaign!

More than 70 companies registered to participate, and the hashtags #LiftUpSomebody and #BeBalloonSmart appeared all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, helping to spread the message about the positive power of balloons and Smart Balloon Practices.

The goal of the campaign was to inspire people to connect with -- and “lift up” – members of their community using balloons to bring a smile to someone’s face and let them know you care, and then share these acts of kindness by posting to social media.

Thank you to everyone who submitted so many wonderful posts, tweets and photos which you can see by visiting Instagram and typing #LiftUpSomebody in the search bar, or visiting our Facebook page or website.

Congratulations to our 2017 Contest Winners:

Best Community Outreach

  • First Place (top right): American Gas Products (AGP) for their Back-to-School Smart Balloon Practices Public Outreach Campaign. Not only did they educate students about Smart Balloon Practices, they taught about the dangers of inhaling Helium, gave out hundreds of weighted balloons, Faraday stickers, and free school supplies.
  • Honorable Mention: High-Rise Balloons & Floral Supplies for supporting the National Night Out effort

Most Creative #LiftUpSomebody Display promoting International Balloon Month

  • First Place (right): Aerial Bouquets Balloons & Floral Accessories for multiple postings in different venues promoting the campaign online and in the community.
  • Honorable Mention: burton + BURTON for their Giant Panda Balloon Character that was seen holding signs to promote International Balloon Month all over town.
  • Honorable Mention: Paperscapes1212 for the most posts of our hashtags on social media.

Best Faraday’s Smart Balloon Tips Display

  • First Place (middle right): Q’s Remarkable Events for their creative giant poster board outlining Faraday’s 5 Tips. They also donated balloons to a local Veteran’s center.

Most Heartfelt Photo

  • First Place (bottom right): SuStaLoons LLC for the delivery of balloons to a local nursing home and bringing huge smiles to the patients.
  • Honorable Mention: Balloons Bearing Elegance (BalloonDécorLasVegas) for donating the Faraday balloons, and more than $2,000 to a charity for homeless High School Teens

The Balloon Council would like to thank Party & Paper Retailer for helping to promote the campaign and giving us space in this magazine to feature our winners. We would also like to thank our sponsors Anagram for supplying the special “Faraday” balloons, and Premium Balloon Accessories and Control Plastics Balloon Products for providing the balloon weights.

The campaign may be over, but we encourage everyone to continue promoting Smart Balloon Practices and educating customers how to #BeBalloonSmart continue year-round. The Meet Faraday campaign includes family friendly, brightly colored posters, handouts and social media memes highlighting “Faraday’s Five Smart Tips for Balloon Use.” These materials can be downloaded for free on the  and websites. 

The “Meet Faraday” campaign, the newest initiative to a longstanding Smart Balloon Practices public education effort, will be on the road again soon.  Faraday, our life-sized Spokesballoon, made his debut during a Smart Balloon Practices Education Action Day event at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California. Named for rubber balloon inventor Michael Faraday, the character posed for photos with schoolchildren, parents, tourists and even legislators during the event which also kicked-off his nationwide tour. 

Faraday’s mission is to raise awareness about the proper use and disposal of balloons, and to empower the public to take a few simple steps to help to ensure the continued use and enjoyment of balloons across the country. You can see Faraday in action on Facebook at @Balloonsliftup.

For more information or to sign-up for our e-newsletter, please contact The Balloon Council at 800-233-8887, or send e-mail to Executive Director Lorna O’Hara at or

— From The Balloon Council

Originally posted Friday, Dec. 1, 2017

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