Foil balloon causes outage that leaves 6,000 without power near Cincinnati

A recent power outage in the Cincinnati area is another reminder why releasing Mylar balloons is a no-no. reported on an outage that was caused by a Mylar balloon coming in contact with a power line that left 6,000 people without power in Covington, Kentucky.

Earlier this year, The Balloon Council (TBC) started a “Meet Faraday” campaign that is designed to help spread the word on its list of Smart Balloon Practices. Always tying helium-filled balloons to a weight and not releasing any Mylar balloons are among them.

Power outages caused by Mylar balloons have reportedly been so problematic in California, a bill was introduced to the state assembly in 2016 that would have banned the sale of such balloons. The bill was rejected, however. 

Originally posted Monday, Dec. 4, 2017

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