The best pet costumes on the internet just in time for National Dress Up Your Pet Day

There is a national day for just about everything. So it should be of no surprise there is a National Dress Up Your Pet Day. It happens to be Sunday, Jan. 14.

24/7 Wall St. scoured social media and the websites for Party City and Halloween Express to find some of the best pet costume looks out there. Their extensive click-through photo gallery includes a cat dressed as President Trump, a turtle as a Minion and a pooch dressed up as Alf making a cat sandwich.

“Because of the popularity of canines among Americans, there are a plethora of wild costumes designed just for dogs. Cat costumes are the second most popular, but dressing up other pets in costume requires some additional creativity on the owner’s part,” wrote 24/7 Wall St.’s Cheyenne Buckingham.

See the full story and photo gallery. 

Photo: Oliver The Golden Doodle / Instagram

Originally posted Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018

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