Fifty balloon artists gather in Richmond to honor dying friend with a massive twist

Fifty balloon artists descended upon Richmond, Virginia, to help a fellow artist and friend make her final twist something extraordinary.

Deb Fellman, 54, battling Stage 4 endometrial cancer, inspired the group to create a 20,000-balloon sculpture in a Richmond mall over the weekend as her final gift to the city. Fellman’s story was beautifully captured by Julie Zauzmer of the Washington Post.

Zauzmer detailed how Fellman's history and how she left her job as a compliance officer after discovering she could make more money as a balloon artist for the likes of Walmart and Coca-Cola.

“I always wanted to be Larry Moss. I always wanted to be Guido. I always wanted to be one of those big names that do big stuff,” Fellman was quoted. “It has really been an epiphany to realize that what matters the most to people is the little stuff. I really feel embarrassed I didn’t get that earlier. I wish I’d been a little less hard on myself.”

The massive twist was organized by Wisconsin physician Andrea Noel. It took the group of 50 people two days to finish it.

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Originally posted Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

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