Massive Horner Novelty in Indiana looking to share retail space or move to smaller location

At 46,000 square feet, Horner Novelty in downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana, is a massive party and costume store. So massive, it’s not proving to be sustainable in the current marketplace.

As much as longtime owner Chuck Mattingly would like to keep the 47-year-old business as is, he’s decided that a change has to happen. He hopes leasing 5,000 square feet or so to a new tenant will be the limit of that change, although selling the building that bears his name and moving to another location is possible.

Danielle Grady of the Jeffersonville Times and Tribune wrote a recent article on Horner Novelty, detailing a double-digit sales drop, which Mattingly attributes to the emergence of online shopping.

“I’m like every Sears and Macy’s and Toys R Us,” Mattingly told the News and Tribune.

Mattingly launched his own online marketplace and opened an Amazon account last year, which has helped, but not enough to keep the brick-and-mortar intact.

Jeffersonville is a community of about 45,000 people that’s part of the Louisville metropolitan area. Horner Novelty, at one point, had three locations, including two in Louisville.

Originally posted Monday, Apr. 9, 2018

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