European balloon and party organization: No more balloon releases

The Balloon and Party Industry Alliance, a European trade organization based in the UK, is encouraging its members to no longer practice outdoor balloon releases.

BAPIA’s official stance on balloon releases stems from feedback of its members. A May 15 Facebook post read:

“BAPIA has taken the decision to no longer support the release of balloons into the environment. This decision has been taken based on the feedback from our members who have told us overwhelmingly that they feel balloon releases are not good for the environment and that they would totally support this decision. We would ask all members of the public to follow this lead and don't let go of helium filled balloons as it can have a negative effect on the environment. We know that our members will be happy to discuss alternative creative options with their customers. Enjoy balloons responsibly!”

BAPIA describes its mission as “representing the biggest manufacturers, retailers and decorators whilst pro-actively working to promote the industry and BAPIA members and bring more benefits.”

Discouraging the release of helium-filled balloons is in line with the list of Smart Balloon Practices of The Balloon Council, the U.S.-based organization led by balloon manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

For the past several years, The Balloon Council (TBC) has actively promoted Smart Balloon Practices, including through advertising, social campaigns and special events.

Originally posted Tuesday, May. 15, 2018

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