Party City moving into vacant Target store in Ontario city

Target closing up shop in Canada has left plenty of retail space open, and Party City is taking advantage in one Ontario market.

Construction is currently underway for a new Party City location at the site of a former Target store in North Bay, a community of approximately 50,000 people about 225 miles north of Toronto, it was reported by the North Bay Nugget.

Party City won’t be the lone tenant, as several other retailers are expected to share the space, including a dollar store. It is unknown if the Party City will be operated by a franchisee or the parent company, Party City Holdco. Party City has dozens of locations throughout Canada, including 27 in Ontario.

Target opened more than 100 stores in Canada in 2013, but the expansion north was a massive failure, as all of them closed just two years later.

Originally posted Monday, Jun. 11, 2018

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