Petition to move Halloween to final Saturday of October gaining steam

An online petition to permanently move Halloween from Oct. 31 to the final Saturday of October is gaining steam.

The petition, on the platform, currently has more than 27,000 signatures, most of which have been made within the past few days. The initiative was started by the Costume and Halloween Association (formerly the Halloween Industry Associated) and is supported by costume leader Rubie’s.

“Halloween Trick or Treating for children would be much safer if celebrated during daylight hours, which can only happen on non school days like Saturday,” wrote Howard Beige, Rubie’s Executive Vice President, on

The Costume and Halloween Association cites goals of increasing safety, allowing for longer celebrations and not having to worry about work and school the following day as reasons for changing the date of Halloween. petitions, like their traditional paper counterparts, have been used to lobby legislators to take action in the past.

Originally posted Monday, Oct. 29, 2018

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