Big business of Halloween featured by Washington Post

The big business of Halloween does not go unnoticed by mainstream news outlets, such as the Washington Post.

The Post’s Taylor Telford notes how seemingly every vacant storefront turns into a Halloween pop-up store come fall — Spirit Halloween has roughly 1,300 locations alone this year. In addition, Party City’s Halloween City has about 250 stores.

The National Retail Federation speculates pop-up stores will capture about 35 percent of the $9 billion Halloween market this year.

Lorenzo Caltagirone’s Total Fright, located in Arlington, Virginia, is a year-round store. However, like a pop-up store, October accounts for a large part of his annual revenue.

“If you have one bad Halloween, you might be able to recover,” Caltagirone told the Post. “But two bad Halloweens could put you out of business.”

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Originally posted Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018