The Balloon Council gears up to celebrate International Balloon Month

September marks International Balloon Month, a time to celebrate the joy balloons bring to our lives and highlight the need for everyone to use and dispose of balloons responsibly.

International Balloon month features the #LiftUpSomebody campaign, sponsored by The Balloon Council (TBC), inspiring people around the world to “thank” someone in their community by givingthem balloons and sharing the joy captured in those moments on social media.

“Giving balloons to special people in our community such as firefighters, care givers and teachers,helps spread goodwill and demonstrates the positive power of balloons,” said Lorna O’Hara,Executive Director of The Balloon Council. “We invite everyone to share their joyful moments using the hashtag #LiftUpSomebody.”

Photos using #LiftUpSomebody and shared on TBC’s Facebook and Instagram (@balloonsliftup) will be automatically entered into the photo contest. Prizes will be awarded for the best images. for contest details.

The theme for 2019 is Green Comes in Every Color. “As balloon retailers, distributors, manufacturers and artists we are committed to protecting the environment by educating thepublic about Smart Balloon Practices to prevent balloons from becoming litter,” said O’Hara.

TBC is issuing a challenge to youth groups, schools, community organizations and businesses to see how many people they can get to take the #BeBalloonSmart Pledge to follow Smart Balloon Practices. The group that collects the most pledges will receive a prize. Pledge cards and contest details are available at

First place winners in each contest category will receive a gift basket full of the latest balloons and related items worth up to $200 from sponsors: Anagram, Betallic and Qualatex.

The #BeBalloonSmart pledge follows TBC’s motto “Don’t let go: Inflate. Weight. Enjoy” and includes these practices:

  • Do not release any balloons into the air – they can become tangled in power lines and turn into litter.

  • Keep balloons secured with a string and tied to a weight.

  • Children with balloons should always be monitored. Children under eight (8) can choke or

    suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons.

  • When finished with balloons, pop them and properly dispose of them.

  • Despite the funny voice helium can give you, it should never be inhaled.

    “The #LiftUpSomebody campaign is a great way to reinforce the green message and show that balloons can be enjoyed in a responsible way if everyone does their part,”said O’Hara.

    The Balloon Council is a non-profit organization made up of responsible retailers, distributors, and manufacturers dedicated to educating others about the wonders of balloons and the proper handling of them.

Originally posted Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019