Peer Perspective: Tatiana Coste 

The Confetti Party, Mexico City

How long has The Confetti Party been open?  Our first sale was on November 5, 2016. This year will be our 3rd anniversary! 

What are your specialties? Since we first started, we have gotten huge success on the big confetti balloons, so we have perfected the technique over the years and I think we have gotten pretty good at it.

How have you found social media to be as a resource for marketing? For us, both Instagram and Facebook have been essential for our The Confetti Party marketing campaign. Every day we get new followers. It’s a great tool to show the new products, new designs and ideas for our clients and followers!

Social media has been a key instrument for the development and growth of our store since we can be within first-hand reach of our followers, it would have been much harder to have a successful store without Facebook and Instagram.

What are some categories you’re seeing rise in popularity? The cactus and the llamas are very hot right now, also avocado-themed party supplies will definitely soon be hot. And we’ve seen how purple and lilac products are also on the rise for table decoration (plates, napkins, and cups).

Where do you see the shop going in the next five years? The Confetti Party has been so much fun and has great potential so I see it with at least three stores in Mexico City, and stores around the county like Guadalajara, Puebla, Queretaro, etc. And why not produce our own brand of plates and cups and selling it to the world. “Mexican design for the world,” sounds nice!

Where do you get your inspiration for decorating the shop? The greatest inspiration comes from the color itself. We start of by selecting a color palette for the month, then we choose the theme and all builds up around it. We select romantic, sweet, up front, cute, happy, plain colors around the theme for the month and what we want to project that specific time of year. It’s really impressing how colors can make you feel so many different things. Simple gifts can change a state of mind, especially if it’s a gift with colors.

Originally posted Wednesday, Sep. 18, 2019