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Bridal shower and bachelorette parties are fun for all involved

Trends for the ultimate girls' night out By Sam Ujvary | Assistant Editor Weddings are a fun time for everyone involved, especially for the bride and groom. Once the proposal is accepted, it’s a whirlwind of chaos, cheer and celebration. Particularly for the bride, the pre-wedding shower(s) and bachelorette party are a break from this premarital pandemonium where she can really relax and be with loved ones who want to honor her in a more…  » Read more
Brides to Be

Brides to Be

Creating an at-home affair   The economy is in a slump — it’s no secret. It’s slowly picking up steam, but the lack of economic stability is taking its toll on the party industry. Customers are opting for stay-at-home affairs and buying on a budget. Birthday parties are becoming less extravagant, and weddings are being made simple. Bachelorette parties are changing, too. Instead of planning a weekend trip to Las Vegas or a night out…  » Read more