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World Balloon Convention shares its 2021 event dates

World Balloon Convention shares its 2021 event dates

The World Balloon Convention has shared the dates for its 2021 event, which will be held Mar. 23-25, 2021, in Orlando, Florida. Pioneer Balloon Company created the World Balloon Convention (WBC) in 2010. The WBC was developed for balloon decorators, twisters/entertainers, and party store retailers, who are exploring a career in the balloon industry. The 2021 WBC activities will offer curriculum and other activities that will ... Offer attendees educational sessions on balloon techniques, which are designed for a variety of skill levels. Provide…  » Read more

Annual parade celebrates balloons

Thanksgiving is around the corner and that means the tradition of an amazing parade is near. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an exciting part of Thanksgiving day, but the fun actually begins before Thursday. Because we love balloons, as do most of our readers, we thought we would share some information regarding this annual parade. Inflation begins the day before, on Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019, right outside the Museum of National History in New York…  » Read more

The Air-Filled Life

By Jackie Ochitwa, Contributing Writer When I decided that I was going to hang up my microphone thirteen years ago, I never would have dreamed that I would one day be using my training to make video tutorials using balloons. Growing up in a small town in Western Canada, I thought I was going to be a news reporter. I studied journalism and broadcast news, and I trained to be an on-air radio and television…  » Read more

Social media and its influence on the balloon trend

“Doin’ it for the ‘gram.” This sentiment is echoed in so many Instagram users, and the notion of posting things on social media includes Facebook and Twitter as well.  Balloons are so much more than a last-minute get-well-soon gift or the marker attached to a mailbox to signify the party house. They evoke a classic cheerfulness, and now they add an artistic touch to some amazing Instagram accounts. “Like the cupcake before it, the balloon…  » Read more

Balloons on the (campaign) trail

As Republicans, Democrats, Green Party and other Independents face off during the final days of the election campaign, there is one thing most parties will have in common when the results come in: balloons. For over fifty years, balloons — particularly those in red, white and blue — have been used on the campaign trail, at political conventions and most memorably on election night to celebrate victory.  Some of the earliest images of campaigns and balloons can be found…  » Read more

Steadying Structure

Balloon It centerpiece system aims to make life easier for consumers, retailers By Zeke Jennings | Managing Editor The Wilke family had always included balloons for family celebrations — they have four children — but as the kids began graduating the parties got bigger and moved outdoors, patriarch David Wilke decided balloons weren’t worth it anymore. In 2012, getting the necessary helium was starting to become a hassle, and even then, the finished balloon centerpieces weren’t…  » Read more

World Balloon Convention dates announced on heels of CBS News feature

The next World Balloon Convention will be in Orlando, and it’s nearly three years from now, not two. Pioneer Worldwide announced Monday, Oct. 1, that the next installment of the WBC will be March 25-27, 2021, in Orlando, Florida. The WBC had previously been held in even-numbered years since its inception in 2010, including this year in San Diego. Pioneer will announce more details on its website and the WBC Facebook page.  The announcement comes on…  » Read more

Georgia governor proclaims ‘Balloon Month’ in honor of international initiative

For the eighth year in a row, Maxine Burton, president and founder, and Bob Burton, CEO, of burton + BURTON have spearheaded the initiative to coincide “Balloon Month” in the State of Georgia via a balloon proclamation issued by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. International Balloon Month seeks to raise awareness of the joy of balloons as well as to spotlight the economic impact the multi-billion dollar balloon industry has on the state of Georgia and the…  » Read more

Reader poll: More than half having trouble getting helium

By Zeke Jennings | Managing Editor Balloon retailers are well aware of the helium market’s volatility. Demand for the gas continues to rise as its uses in the medical and scientific fields grows. Meanwhile, the U.S. government is in the process of depleting the Federal Helium Reserve in Texas, putting pressure on private distributors to find alternative sources. While there was a noticeable shortage of helium approximately five years ago, balloon retailers haven’t had too…  » Read more

Celebrate International Balloon Month with #LiftUpSomebody contest

Sharing smiles and Smart Balloon Practices are the focus of this year’s #LiftUpSomebody campaign which is part of the International Balloon Month celebration. The #LiftUpSomebody campaign inspires people around the world to “thank” someone special in their community by giving them balloons, and then share those moments of joy on social media. The campaign also encourages people to promote and follow the motto: “Don’t let go: Inflate. Weight. Enjoy.” “Giving balloons to important people in…  » Read more

The Balloon Council shifts stance on balloon releases: Don’t do it

From The Balloon Council:  After years of thoughtful consideration, monitoring national and international trends and getting feedback from our diverse audience of balloon related businesses and balloon friends, TBC has decided to revise our stance on balloon releases. "In the past TBC didn't advocate for or against balloon releases, we advised people on the best practices to minimize environmental impact such as only using latex and not adding strings," said TBC Chairman Dan Flynn. "Over…  » Read more

Peer Perspective: Stuart Davies, Beyond Balloons

Stuart Davis Owner, Beyond Balloons Tonyrefail, Wales, UK When the family business fell on hard times, Stuart Davies saw opportunity in balloons. After intense study, Davies has achieved amazing results in just four short years. That includes designing a 45,000-balloon drop at this year’s World Balloon Convention welcome ceremony. He’s designed work for a Beyoncé label launch celebration on Oxford Street, for Walt Disney International on numerous projects and won an award for a 13,000-balloon…  » Read more

Another New England coastal community bans balloons

Yet another New England coastal community has banned the sale and release of balloons. Residents of Chatham, Massachusetts, voted Monday, May 14 to outlaw balloons, with the exception of for research purposes, citing them being hazardous to marine life and the environment, reported Chatham is located at the southeast corner of the hooked-shaped Cape Cod peninsula. Chatham joins fellow Cape Cod area communities Nantucket Island and Provincetown in banning balloons. Also, Block Island, Rhode…  » Read more

European balloon and party organization: No more balloon releases

The Balloon and Party Industry Alliance, a European trade organization based in the UK, is encouraging its members to no longer practice outdoor balloon releases. BAPIA’s official stance on balloon releases stems from feedback of its members. A May 15 Facebook post read: “BAPIA has taken the decision to no longer support the release of balloons into the environment. This decision has been taken based on the feedback from our members who have told us…  » Read more

Balloon community’s best descend on San Diego for 2018 World Balloon Convention

(Click image for more photos) By Matt Cerre, Pioneer Balloon Co. Building on the success of the World Balloon Convention (WBC) 2016, nearly 900 delegates attended the highly anticipated WBC 2018, held March 14-17, in San Diego. Hosted by Pioneer Balloon Company, the event showcased balloon artists and balloon creations from all over the world, with delegates representing 52 countries. “We were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response of the delegates,” said Ted A. Vlamis, president of Pioneer…  » Read more

Private helium distributors facing pressure as scientific demand for gas continues to rise

Increased demand for helium for scientific use, including by NASA, is putting further pressure on private distributors to meet demands for the natural gas. Samuel Burton, the field manager for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s helium reserves, recently told Chemical & Engineering News, that the bureau “is seeing increased demand by federal agencies,” NASA included, and added those agencies will be served first in terms of helium allocation. The Federal Helium Reserve is expected…  » Read more

Block Island latest New England community to ban balloons

The last balloon has popped on Block Island, at least legally. The five-member New Shoreham Town Council — the governing board on Block Island, a small island off the coast of Rhode Island — voted unanimously to outlaw the sales and use of all balloons on the island. The law went into effect on Monday, April 9. According to the ordinance, per the Block Island Times: “The purpose of this ordinance is to protect the…  » Read more

What latex balloons look like after three months of biodegradation

Perhaps you recall reading about the Australian party store retailer that is conducting an experiment to see how biodegradable latex balloons really are. The Party’s Here recently posted an update of that experiment, which is now three months along. The update noted the hot summer sun has certainly had an effect on the state of the balloons. “Balloon colours have faded even more, particularly the Pearl Pink and Pearl Lime Green. The Ruby Red, Pearl…  » Read more

Product Picks: Balloons & Accesories

1. Weight with confetti from SKD Party by Forum 2. Flamingle Tropical Drink 41” from Rainbow Balloons 3. New Unicorn MyOwnPet by burton + BURTON 4. Pink or blue tissue confetti from Beistle 5. Spider MyOwnPet by burton + BURTON 6. Emoji balloons from Havercamp 7. The Party’s Here from CTI Industries 8. Unicorn Fun Stick Balloons from CTI

Peer Perspective: Tiffany Burley, CBA, A Pop of Color Balloons

Tiffany Burley, CBA A Pop of Color Balloons Spring, Texas As a 10-year professional balloon artist, Tiffany Burley has experienced more than a few customers who think what she creates isn’t all that tough. Burley embraces the public education part of things, however. Could you share a little about your background and why you got into balloon design? My love for balloons started when working at my mother’s gift shop back in the ‘90s. She had…  » Read more

Balloon ban could be on the way for Block Island, Rhode Island

Government officials on Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island are taking steps to ban the sale balloons there. Block Island is home to about 1,000 people and is a popular spot for tourism and events. It is also home to a national wildlife refuge. The Block Island Town Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, April 2 to discuss the banning of non-biodegradeable balloons on the island. The council, at the urging…  » Read more

Chatting with balloon instructor Sue Bowler

Balloon artist and instructor Sue Bowler tells us what question she hears most By Zeke Jennings | Managing Editor Sue Bowler is among the most dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable people in the balloon industry. The United Kingdom native’s career started in 1990 with a small home-delivery company. She’s since gone on to work for Conwin and Pioneer, become a Certified Balloon Artist and won countless awards. Through personal instruction and as a blogger, Bowler has…  » Read more

Fifty balloon artists gather in Richmond to honor dying friend with a massive twist

Fifty balloon artists descended upon Richmond, Virginia, to help a fellow artist and friend make her final twist something extraordinary. Deb Fellman, 54, battling Stage 4 endometrial cancer, inspired the group to create a 20,000-balloon sculpture in a Richmond mall over the weekend as her final gift to the city. Fellman’s story was beautifully captured by Julie Zauzmer of the Washington Post. Zauzmer detailed how Fellman's history and how she left her job as a compliance…  » Read more

Are latex balloons really biodegradable? Australian retailer conducting its own experiment

Are latex balloons really biodegradable? An Australian party retailer is conducting its own experiment to find out firsthand. The Party’s Here, a brick-and-mortar and online party supply retailer based in Padstow, is documenting the decomposition process of several latex balloons through blogs on its website. “As members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA), concerned with the protection of the environment and how we can help, we have started conducting our own experiments to see…  » Read more

Pioneer MasterBow’s new IncrediBow Pull Bow ribbons proving to be a hit

Everyone is getting tied up in the excitement of new IncrediBow Pull Bows by Pioneer MasterBow from Qualatex, available in 16-, 20- and 24-inch sizes in six colors. Car dealerships are catching customers’ attention with the iconic 24-inch Red bow to be placed on top of the hood of the new car. Pink bows of all sizes can be seen everywhere from breast cancer awareness events to bachelorette parties and baby showers. Double-sided lamination provides…  » Read more

Peer Perspective: Sue Bowler, Certified Balloon Artist

Sue Bowler Certified Balloon Artist (CBA), instructor Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Sue Bowler is among the most dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable people in the balloon industry. The United Kingdom native’s career started in 1990 with a small home-delivery company and it's only grown since then. She’s since gone on to work for Conwin and Pioneer, become a Certified Balloon Artist and won countless awards. Through personal instruction and as a blogger, Bowler has influenced balloon…  » Read more

Product Picks: Balloons

1. Sonic the Hedgehog balloons are moving fast at Rainbow Balloons! 2. Don't be afraid of this friendly face. CTI Industries’ Glow Ghost comes in two sizes — 24 inches for helium or 12 inches air-filled on a stick. 3. Balloon It Yourself! Centerpiece is a new DIY balloon decoration the consumer can assemble and decorate with air-filled balloons. No helium required. Comes in a 36-inch tall size and 24-inch small size. 4. New from CTI…  » Read more

Helium experts: Demand for gas will increase 9% over next three years

Canada NewsWire Bruin Point Helium Corp. (the "Company" or "Bruin Point") (TSX Venture: BPX), Mr. Frank Jacobs, CEO, is pleased to provide an overview of the helium industry as well as forecast targets made by industry analysts and experts. Our goal here is to offer a compilation of third-party information for shareholders and potential shareholders. The price of helium has doubled over the past decade (1) and experts predict demand for the gas will continue to grow. According to research firm, Technavio,…  » Read more

Foil balloon causes outage that leaves 6,000 without power near Cincinnati

A recent power outage in the Cincinnati area is another reminder why releasing Mylar balloons is a no-no. reported on an outage that was caused by a Mylar balloon coming in contact with a power line that left 6,000 people without power in Covington, Kentucky. Earlier this year, The Balloon Council (TBC) started a “Meet Faraday” campaign that is designed to help spread the word on its list of Smart Balloon Practices. Always tying…  » Read more

The Balloon Council announces winners of the #LiftUpSomebody campaign

Thank you to all our balloon friends and businesses that participated in the International Balloon Month 2017 #LiftUpSomebody Campaign! More than 70 companies registered to participate, and the hashtags #LiftUpSomebody and #BeBalloonSmart appeared all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, helping to spread the message about the positive power of balloons and Smart Balloon Practices. The goal of the campaign was to inspire people to connect with -- and “lift up” – members of their community…  » Read more

Five balloon products cited in dangerous toys report

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group conducted its annual “Trouble in Toyland” report, which cites toys in the market that pose safety hazards to children. CBS News detailed the findings, which featured five balloon products. The report language called out the products for “missing or misleading warnings.” "But US PIRG found a number of balloon-based games on toy store shelves this year with missing or misleading warnings. Five balloon sets were cited in this year's…  » Read more

House of Representatives passes helium legislation designed to spur private production

H.R. 3279, the Helium Extraction Act, was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Paul Cook (R-California) in July. Similar legislation, S. 1572, has been introduced in the U.S. Senate by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).  On Nov. 1, The House brought up and passed H.R. 3279. There was overwhelming support with very little debate. The purpose of these bills is to increase the domestic supply of helium by providing new incentives and new authority for helium…  » Read more

Pioneer acquires Northstar in balloon industry merger

Pioneer Balloon Co. has acquired Northstar Balloons LLC the two companies announced on Oct. 27. The companies will be working with customers for a smooth transfer of business and timelines, Pioneer said in a press release. “We’re excited to be adding Northstar’s products and capabilities to the Pioneer family,” said Ted. A. Vlamis, Pioneer’s longtime president. “They have developed a unique product personality and sharp sense for trends, and their line further strengthens our complete…  » Read more

burton + BURTON founder Maxine Burton recognized by University of Georgia

In 2017, Maxine Burton, president and founder of burton + BURTON, was recognized in the University of Georgia, College of Education Insider publication. She obtained her bachelor of science in elementary education and master’s degree in education, but she found her true passion when she left teaching and began working with her husband, Bob Burton, CEO, in the floral industry. Around this time in the early 1980s, Maxine saw the opportunity to capitalize on the…  » Read more

burton + BURTON celebrates 35th anniversary with largest Ballooniversity to date

(Click on photo for a gallery) In conjunction with burton + BURTON's 35th anniversary, the company celebrated with Ballooniversity in Athens, Georgia, from Aug. 9-12, 2017. The theme was Sunset Safari. Ballooniversity is a world-class celebration that only happens every five years, and 2017 was the largest yet. Decorators’ Workshop is two days of hands-on training for décor that is showcased Saturday night. The following two days is Ballooniversity educational classes that allow attendees to learn from top balloon, floral,…  » Read more

Use balloons to #LiftUpSomebody this fall during International Balloon Month

Spread smiles and goodwill this Fall by taking the #LiftUpSomebody challenge during International Balloon Month this September. The Balloon Council sponsors the #LiftUpSomebody campaign to inspire people to use balloons to lift up someone in their community who could use a smile or a special “thank you.” Then, people are asked to spread the joy by posting a photo of the person receiving the balloons on the BalloonsLiftUp social media sites using the hashtag #LiftUpSomebody.…  » Read more

Peer Perspective: Tiffany Morrisett, CTI Industries

Tiffany Morrisett Project Manager, CTI Industries Barrington, Illinois As a big fan of art and a painter in her own right, Tiffany Morrisett takes an artistic approach when creating a balloon column. Her approach is to put balloons in unconventional positions and then let them guide her. PPR: How long have you been with CTI? I have been with CTI Industries for just over two years. When I was looking into the company, CTI seemed…  » Read more

California governor: Balloon law ‘not the solution’

California Gov. Jerry Brown feels stronger balloon restrictions are not the answer. On July 31, Brown vetoed a California Assembly bill that would have made releasing foil balloons — or Mylar — into the air a criminal act, reported the Sacramento Bee. Assemblyman Bill Quirk, D-Hayward, the author of the bill, also introduced a bill during the 2015-16 congressional session that would have outlawed the sale or distribution of any balloon filled with helium. That bill never…  » Read more

burton + BURTON’s Ballooniversity coming in August

Hop aboard for an adventure you’ll never forget! burton + BURTON® presents Sunset Safari Ballooniversity 2017! Join friends old and new at one of the country’s longest-running balloon conventions/seminars. Located amongst the rolling hills of Athens, Georgia, where Southern Hospitality meets an energizing music and arts scene; Ballooniversity® is the pinnacle of balloon and floral education! This world-class celebration only happens every five years so don’t miss your chance to learn from top industry leaders and celebrity…  » Read more

Helium Extraction Act introduced to U.S. House of Representatives

The proposed Helium Extraction Act of 2017 took a step last week as it was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives, reported the Allentown Morning Call. The act, which was introduced by California Rep. Paul Cook (R), would add two dozen words to the nearly century-old Mineral Leasing Act. Helium distributors hope the amendment will encourage domestic helium production by loosening federal land leasing requirements. An executive of one of those helium producers and distributors,…  » Read more

Readers react to proposed balloon ban efforts in California, Massachusetts

Last year, a bill was introduced in the California state assembly that would have banned the sale or distribution of helium-filled balloons due to the reported high number of power outages caused by foil balloons. The bill never reached the assembly floor for a full vote, as it was declined by committees. A proposed bill currently in the Massachusetts House (Bill H.2136) would ban the sale of helium-filled balloons in that state. The release of…  » Read more

Associated Press highlights clash between balloon industry and environmentalists

A recent article by the Associated Press’ Bruce Shipkowski detailed the ongoing fight between the balloon industry and environmentalists who say released balloons are a hazard to wildlife and power lines. “When hands release helium-filled balloons and send them into the sky, they’re doing more than marking a wedding, graduation or death. They’re also stirring the pot in a clash between the balloon industry and environmentalists seeking to deflate a tradition they say harms wildlife,”…  » Read more

burton + BURTON adds balloon artist Edward Munoz to education team

burton + BURTON has announced the addition of Edward Muñoz to its education team. Taking on the role of Education Balloon Specialist and Visual Designer, Edward will use his creative talents to teach burton + BURTON customers and employees about balloon décor and balloon art as well as working with the visual team. Ballooniversity returning to Athens In celebration of the 35th anniversary of burton + BURTON, Ballooniversity is returning to Athens this August. This year’s…  » Read more

New Jersey state senator looking to ban release of helium-filled balloons

There is currently a bill in the New Jersey state senate that would criminalize the outdoor release of helium-filled balloons. The bill (S3177) was introduced in May by Sen. Jim Whelan, D-Atlantic, and would make the release of balloons filled with gas lighter than air punishable with up to a $500 fine. The bill grants exceptions for balloons released for scientific or meteorological purposes and hot air balloons. The Balloon Council (TBC) — a nationwide collection…  » Read more

Massachusetts looking to pop balloon sales

The Massachusetts state legislature is the latest looking to crack down on balloons. If passed, a proposed state house bill would ban the distribution or sale of any balloon filled with gas lighter than air. House Bill No. 2136 was introduced by Rep. Sarah K. Peake (D-Provincetown) earlier this year and is currently in committees. It is unknown when a vote will take place. The Balloon Council (TBC) — a national collection of balloon retailers,…  » Read more

Balloonify Your First Birthday Party

A first birthday is a momentous occasion. It’s the first time in your life the party is all about you. Because of this, parents have begun making their children’s first birthday parties more and more elaborate. Social media sites like Pinterest have empowered DIY designers to create and share their birthday party designs. If you own a party store, you have inevitably seen an increase in requests for extravagant first birthday decor supplies.   If…  » Read more

Q the lights with Qualatex’s new LED balloons

By Matt Cerre | Special to Party & Paper Retailer   In order to be a successful party-store owner, you must understand and stay ahead of party trends. Two current trends to watch are glow parties and lavish first-birthday parties. Balloons are a wonderful option for customers looking to take their party decor to the next level. Qualatex has new products that will make sure your customers’ parties are top-notch.   Glow and black light…  » Read more

The Balloon Council hosting Smart Balloon Practices awareness event at California state capitol

The Balloon Council is proud to announce, and invite you to participate in, the nationwide launch of the revitalized Smart Balloon Practices Education Campaign, and the introduction of our new SpokesBalloon "Faraday."  The Education Action Day event will be at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 30 on the grounds of the California State Capitol Building (Area 22), 1315 10th St., Sacramento, California. Faraday will meet and take photos with legislators, the press and the public.  The…  » Read more
Best of Balloon Recipes

Best of Balloon Recipes

A few of our most popular balloon recipes from the past few years. Follow the links below to download. Listed from left to right in the image above. Monkey Buddy It's a Girly-Girl Sparkling Birthday Tower Balloon Dog Birthday For our full archive of balloon recipes, click here. 

Becoming a Certified Balloon Artist

Breaking down Qualatex's CBA program and what it could mean for you By Peter Mussatto | Special to Party & Paper Retailer There’s an old proverb from Chinese philosopher Laozi that says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN) and Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) programs are a great way to begin your journey. Some of the major benefits of becoming a CBA include: Value. Add value…  » Read more

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal proclaims September Balloon Month

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has issued a proclamation declaring September as Balloon Month. Maxine Burton, president and founder, and Bob Burton, CEO, spearheaded the initiative to coincide with this month’s International Balloon Month. International Balloon Month seeks to raise awareness of the joy of balloons as well as to spotlight the economic impact the multi-billion dollar balloon industry has on the state of Georgia and the world. This marks the sixth year in a row…  » Read more

Valentine’s Day Balloons

Click on picture to view entire gallery.  From September 2016 issue. 

Party Line: Balloon ban avoided, for now

Last month, I wrote about California Assembly Bill 2709, which would have banned the distribution of foil balloons in that state if passed. The previous sentence is in past tense because the bill was voted down by the assembly’s appropriations committee before it ever got to the floor for a full assembly vote. AB 2709 went the way of hundreds of other pieces of proposed legislation in the California Assembly — 448 others, to be exact,…  » Read more

Proposed bill banning foil balloons in California voted down

The proposed law that would have banned the sale of foil balloons in California is dead before a full assembly vote could even take place. California assembly bill 2709, which would have banned the distribution of foil balloons starting in 2018, has been was voted down by the California Appropriations Committee on Friday, May 27, the Balloon Council (TBC) posted on its Facebook page and through an email blast. Assembly Member Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) authored…  » Read more

Party Line: A Sinking Feeling

What would happen to your business if you could no longer sell foil balloons? That’s a scenario California retailers are facing, as there is a bill currently in the state assembly that, if passed, will ban the distribution of such balloons. The reason California lawmakers want to ban selling foil balloons is because they can cause power outages if they come into contact with power lines. Two major electricity distributors cited more than 1,300 outages…  » Read more

World Balloon Convention 2016 draws professionals, artists from around the world

Photo Gallery The recent World Balloon Convention truly was an international affair, as it drew more than 900 delegates from 58 countries to New Orleans for the eye-popping celebration of balloons. Staged every other year by Pioneer Balloon Co., this year’s event took place April 6-10 at the Hilton Riverside overlooking the Mississippi River. Attendees converged on the Crescent City to share ideas, learn new balloon techniques and, most importantly, to reinvigorate their passion for…  » Read more

California lawmaker wants to ban foil balloons

Bill currently in state assembly would prohibit distribution by 2018 By Zeke Jennings | A bill currently in the California Assembly would ban the sale of foil balloons in that state if passed into law. Assembly Bill 2709 would prohibit the sale of “metallic balloons after 2018,” stated Assembly Member Bill Quirk (20th-Hayward), the bill’s author, on his official website. “This will lead to a reduction in power outages resulting from the release of the balloons,” Quirk…  » Read more

Tank Talk: Helium distributor addresses industry

Helium supplier addresses state of turbulent industry By Zeke Jennings | The words “helium shortage” are all too familiar to balloon retailers. Although some stabilization has occurred the past couple of years, availability and cost are still concerns going forward. The Helium Stewardship Act of 2013 was designed to boost market competition by deregulating the price of helium sold from the National Helium Reserve to private companies by implementing an auction system instead. The…  » Read more
Shop Talk: 50-50 Factory Outlet

Shop Talk: 50-50 Factory Outlet

Spotlight On: Eau Claire, Wis.   A “Favorite” place both online and off   Even though 50-50 Factory Outlet was named a “Favorite Place on Google” in June of 2010, all the fun actually happens in the Wisconsin-based stores. Owner Tiff Lystrup opened the first store in Eau Claire, Wisc., in 1984 that has since evolved into a thriving company with four stores, a Web store, warehouse operations, a home office and just under 50…  » Read more

Return of the West Coast Event and Balloon Arts Convention

West Coast Event Productions has announced the return of West Coast Event and Balloon Arts Convention (WCE&BAC) July 25-28 at the Hilton Long Beach, in Long Beach, Calif.   “We’ve had such a fantastic response and feedback from both WCE&BAC 2009 and 2011 that we’re returning in 2013,” said Amanda Armstrong, executive producer.   This three-day event will offer a full range of new classes for the balloon artist and event decorator and a variety…  » Read more

Maxine Burton Given Key to the City

In honor of burton + BURTON’s 30th Anniversary, Athens-Clarke County, Ga. Mayor Nancy Denson presented a ceremonial Key to the City to Maxine and Bob Burton.   Founded in 1982, family-owned burton + BURTON has grown into the largest supplier of balloons and coordinating gifts in the world. The presentation was made during Ballooniversity’s Homecoming Gala, which brought more than 700 customers, employees and dignitaries to the Classic Center in downtown Athens, Ga.   In…  » Read more