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Spotlight On: Magic Mirror Costume Shop

(click image for more photos) New store owners catering to new markets as well as traditional ones By Zeke Jennings | Managing Editor Costuming isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago, and Kathy Foote surely isn’t running her costume shop as if that were the case. Just prior to Halloween 2016, Kathy Foote and her husband, Frank, bought the Magic Mirror Costume Shop in Traverse City, Michigan, which has been in business for…  » Read more

Make-up tips from a pro

Professional make-up aritst Nicole R. Enger discloses the question she hears most    By Zeke Jennings | Managing Editor   SFX makeup artist Nicole R. Enger of Traverse City, Michigan, has been into makeup and special effects since junior high. With more than 20 years of experience, she’s worked on everything from zombie walks to movies with million-dollar budgets. When Kathy and Frank Foote bought the Magic Mirror Costume Shop in 2016, they developed a working…  » Read more

10 movies that could influence costuming in 2018

There is no bigger influencer on costume trends than pop culture, specifically movies and television. Each and every year, ensembles seen on big and small screens trickle into reality via costumers and Cosplayers. What will be the big influencers in 2018? Expect to see residual influence of 2017 blockbusters “Wonder Woman,” “Justice League,” “IT” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Here are 10 more films that could impact consumer wants in the next 12 months.…  » Read more

Inside Cosplay

The hobby is growing in popularity, but finding necessary supplies can be a challenge By Zeke Jennings | Costuming is becoming a year-round thing for more and more people in the U.S. You’ve heard of them, they’re called Cosplayers. The once-niche subculture, which originally was based on Japanese amine, isn’t so niche anymore. There are hundreds of Cosplay-related conventions, often called comic cons, in the U.S. and new ones are popping up each year.…  » Read more

‘Game of Thrones’ costume designer details evolution of character looks

One of the best parts about HBO’s megahit show “Game of Thrones” is the interesting and innovative costumes that evolve as the series does. Costume designer Michelle Clapton details the way she uses subtle changes to help define the show’s wide cast of characters in an interview with INSIDER. “With (Daenerys) especially, people used to say, ‘Well, why doesn't she wear red?’” Clapton said. “Now you do finally start seeing it creeping in through the…  » Read more