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Survey: Move Halloween to Saturday!

It’s a case of tradition versus logic. For centuries, Halloween has been associated with the last day of October. Many feel that tradition is outdated, however. With what Halloween has become in the way of dressing up, parties and trick-or-treating, it falling on a weekday and having to get up for school or work can be a real drag. While some feel stronger about it than others, most costume retailers have a higher level of…  » Read more
Shop Talk: Halloween Costume World

Shop Talk: Halloween Costume World

Spotlight On: Water Street in Fitchburg, Mass. Giving scares and giving back Jack Hoover, owner of Halloween Costume World in Fitchburg, Mass., contends that he’s not in the party or costume business, but rather in the idea business. His props are displayed in several different scenes throughout the store, and it’s not unusual to see two skeletons playing cards in one scene, using a pickle barrel for a table, holding cards in their bony hands…  » Read more