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10 tips to make sure Facebook is working for your business

Here are 10 very basic things to do to make sure your Facebook page is working for you and not against you. No. 1: Choose a custom username and URL. Does the URL on your Facebook page include a long string of numbers? Not only does that look unwieldy, it also makes it harder for others to find your business and tag it in their posts. Facebook makes it easy to replace the lengthy default…  » Read more

Creating Better Customer Relationships

Superior sales training is key in competing against online, big-box retailers By Bob Phibbs | The Retail Doc A woman came up to me after my keynote at a conference the other day asking how she could compete against online retailers. She relayed a story about how she spent time getting a shopper what they asked for and at the end, the shopper pulled out their smartphone, snapped a picture of it, and said, “I’m…  » Read more

3 retailers excelling at the in-store experience

Despite the meteoric rise of digital retail in recent years, most retail sales come from physical stores, and bricks-and-mortar remains a priority for retailers. But how do you create an in-person shopping experience that keeps customers coming back in an age where digital convenience and fun are constantly evolving? Ahead of Retail’s BIG Show 2017, executives at apparel retailer Gap, grocery and foodservice retailer Smart & Final and Kellogg’s NYC cereal café offered their insights on bricks-and-mortar…  » Read more

Party Line: Face time

Like the majority of people out there, public speaking isn’t near the top of the list of things I look forward to doing. Don’t get me wrong, I have gotten more comfortable with it over the years, although it does still come with a little bit of anxiety. So I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout and the reception from a short presentation I gave during the Halloween & Party Expo in January. Thanks to…  » Read more