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Make-up tips from a pro

Professional make-up aritst Nicole R. Enger discloses the question she hears most    By Zeke Jennings | Managing Editor   SFX makeup artist Nicole R. Enger of Traverse City, Michigan, has been into makeup and special effects since junior high. With more than 20 years of experience, she’s worked on everything from zombie walks to movies with million-dollar budgets. When Kathy and Frank Foote bought the Magic Mirror Costume Shop in 2016, they developed a working…  » Read more

Featured Product Showcase, Artist Battleground winners crowed at Halloween & Party Expo

A collection of exhibitors put their products out front at the recent Halloween & Party Expo in New Orleans in the way of the Feature Product Showcase program, and attendees voted on their favorite. After the votes were tallied, Pumpkin Pulp emerged as the winner. The original mask and haunt prop distributor is based in Muncie, Indiana. Owner Brian Blair has been growing the company since starting it in 2006. In second place was show…  » Read more

Makeup competition coming to Halloween & Party Expo

Halloween & Party Expo attendees will get a first-hand look how the makeup pros do it, all while under pressure of competition and time. HPE is adding an “Artist Battleground” makeup competition in 2018 that will feature some of the biggest companies in the business. The contest will begin at noon Saturday, Jan. 13, and last four hours. The winner will be announced at 4 p.m. See all the details below. WHAT: Artist Battleground: Where…  » Read more

Inside Cosplay

The hobby is growing in popularity, but finding necessary supplies can be a challenge By Zeke Jennings | Costuming is becoming a year-round thing for more and more people in the U.S. You’ve heard of them, they’re called Cosplayers. The once-niche subculture, which originally was based on Japanese amine, isn’t so niche anymore. There are hundreds of Cosplay-related conventions, often called comic cons, in the U.S. and new ones are popping up each year.…  » Read more