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Social Media 101

Making your social media campaign more effective and efficient  By Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender, Special to Party & Paper Retailer Social media marketing builds word of mouth, the number one thing that brings new customers to your store. It’s definitely a social medium — it’s all about the interaction you have with the people who follow you. Here are some easy tips to keep you on track. Listen. Interact. React. Sell. Customers need a…  » Read more

Party Line: Face time

Like the majority of people out there, public speaking isn’t near the top of the list of things I look forward to doing. Don’t get me wrong, I have gotten more comfortable with it over the years, although it does still come with a little bit of anxiety. So I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout and the reception from a short presentation I gave during the Halloween & Party Expo in January. Thanks to…  » Read more

Gifting Excess Inventory to Charity

By Angie Avard Turner, Esq. | Special to Gift Shop We’ve all heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Many of us have gone through our mother’s or older sister’s closets and found things that they have discarded or pushed aside. Perfectly good stuff, I might add. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it; it was just not the newest or latest, greatest thing. So it is with retailers who donate to charity.…  » Read more

Spreading Humanitarianism

How your shop can get involved in your community By Sam Ujvary | You’ve got a passion for the business in which you immerse yourself on a daily basis; it’s why you decided to open your own shop. But how do you keep that business afloat? Finding the right niche, selling the right products to the right clientele, and engaging with your customers are all core aspects of maintaining your shop, but an all-too-often-overlooked…  » Read more

5 Ways to Get Good Attention for Your Business

Do's and don’ts of promoting your business By Zeke Jennings | As a writer that formerly covered business, entertainment and sports, at one time or another, for one of the largest news media outlets in Michigan, I have encountered more than a few people seeking “positive” press on behalf of their business or organization. I put “positive” in quotes, because that’s how things were usually pitched (i.e. “I thought it would be nice to…  » Read more