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Low Lights

Products to boost glow party sales By Sam Ujvary | For kids — and some adults — glow parties are all the rage these days. A simple idea that stemmed from a product line that has been around for years, it’s a wonder why this fun theme hasn’t been around longer. Whether it’s a fraternity rager, tween birthday party or a bar/bat mitzvah, throwing a glow party is a great way to spruce up…  » Read more

Focus On: Plush, September 2016

                          Aurora’s award-winning Miyoni line features adorable animals from popular domestic, woodland, farm and jungle categories that are incredibly realistic and made with exceptional attention to detail. The collection boasts over 180 styles.                     New from Fiesta, it’s a family of trolls! The Tail of Tolliver line includes the namesake lead, as well FaeBelle,…  » Read more

All-American Add-Ons

Boost your add-on sales with these U.S.-made products By Zeke Jennings | Choosing the right kind of merchandise to display around your point-of-sale station shouldn’t be an afterthought. Those items you choose to surround your cash wrap are the last the customer is going to see before leaving your store. You’ve worked hard to fill the bulk of your store with unique, quality products. Why should the cash wrap station be any different? Now,…  » Read more