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Forbes: Small retailers are taking over

It’s no secret big-box retailers are struggling in today’s digital shopping age. The stories about this chain or that chain closing stores are coming out weekly, it seems. The doomsday retail rhetoric doesn’t need to apply to unique independent brick-and-mortars, though. In fact, a recent article by Forbes said the opposite: small local retailers are becoming king. The article, written by Bryan Pearson, highlights things like desire for hyperlocal delivery, a service offered by just…  » Read more
It All Starts at the Top

It All Starts at the Top

I have to admit that one of my guilty pleasures is watching food shows like “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Restaurant Impossible” where the hosts go into an establishment, assess what’s operationally wrong and offer their tips for success. Part of my interest is that it’s food-oriented and the fact that these places are usually train wrecks that I can’t look away from, but it’s also often an interesting study in what to do and not to…  » Read more