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Editorial: Card fee ruling a good thing for retailers, but be careful

On March 29, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that merchants have the choice to let their customers know how much banks and credit card companies are making every time a credit or debit card transaction occurs. The ruling stems from a New York case involving Expressions Hair Design, which wanted to implement a surcharge to its customers who pay by credit card to offset the fees the business is charged by banks and other credit…  » Read more

NRF: Tax reform could set retailers back for years

The National Retail Federation is urging Congress to focus on updating the existing federal income tax system through comprehensive reform rather than moving toward a consumption tax. Under either approach, Congress should reject a proposed $1 trillion border adjustment tax that would drive up prices for consumers and cost the economy jobs, NRF said. “The most important aspect of any tax reform measure is its impact on the economy, jobs and the consumer,” NRF Senior Vice President…  » Read more

Survey: Most party, costume retailers want Congress to enforce online sales tax

The majority of Party & Paper Retailers who voted in a recent survey are in favor of Congress enacting legislation to enforce sales tax for online purchases. In our online survey, 64.3% voted yes for federal legislation, while 35.7% said no. With more and more states passing online sales tax enforcement laws, pressure is mounting on Congress to enact a more wide-sweeping bill to do the same. The National Retail Federation has issued support for…  » Read more