How it Works

The Trendy Awards recognize the latest trends and the best in the industry in greeting cards, gifts and all things stationery.

Seven awards will be awarded, one in each of the following categories:

  • Baby
  • Bridal
  • Gift
  • Green
  • Greeting Cards
  • Holiday
  • Office

Early Bird Deadline: January 29
Final Deadline: February 12

Voting Integrity Process: Through a two-tier phase of voting, retailers will vote to select the finalists in Round One, and Round Two winners will be chosen by a panel of at least 15 distinguished stationery industry judges.

Entrants are encouraged to promote their entries to gain added exposure through social media marketing strategies. But keep in mind that the Trendy Awards are intended to be an industry program and should be marketed to retailers and others within the industry to vote. If it is brought to the attention of Stationery Trends magazine staff that an entrant is conducting giveaways, offers of discounts, etc., in exchange for votes, entrant and all entered products will be disqualified with no refund of entry fees.

Manufacturers and designers are invited to submit entries in as many of the categories as they wish. All of the entries are posted on this site under the Vote page.

Via email blast, marketing in Stationery Trends, Gift Shop and Museums & More and through social networking sites, retailers and others involved in the industry are invited to vote on each of the entries, using either a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" vote. At the end of a two-week window, the votes are tallied, with the top 10 entries in each category being selected as finalists. At that point, the panel of industry judges will be invited to vote on the finalists. Judge votes will be tallied, and a winner named in each category. Winners will receive editorial recognition in an issue of Stationery Trends magazine, as well as an award to display in their offices.

The Trendys are sponsored and managed by Stationery Trends, the resource for greeting cards, gifts and all things stationery. Stationery Trends magazine is published quarterly by Great American Media Services.

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Stationery Trends magazine seeks to guide members of the stationery industry in their quest to offer the latest designs and trends to their customers - including everything from stationery and greeting cards to gifts. The design-focused trade magazine provides retailers with a peek at some of the industry's hottest designers and most sought-after products. Stationery Trends reports on upcoming trends before they hit the mainstream, ensuring its audience of diverse retailers is always ahead of the curve.

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For submission information and guidelines, or other voting questions, please email Stephanie Leon-Santiago at trendyawards@stationerytrendsmag.com. Get updates and information about the Trendy Awards by following us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/TrendyAwards.